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still working on this damn story. Can't do updates from my phone. :(

Sam: Hey Cas. Got a moment?"
Cas: Yes Sam?"
Sam: Have you ever thought about... Love?"
Cas: Yes.
Sam: *sudden headache onset*
Cas: Are you alright Sam?
Sam: What? Oh yeah. I'm fine. Just thinking too hard about things I really don't want to be thinking about.
Cas: Oh. Does it have to do with the romantic issues that you have been avoiding?
Sam: Yeah, I... Wait... Issues I'm avoiding?!
Cas: Yes. Lately you have seemed uninterested in dealing with books of a romantic or sexual nature. I had assumed you were avoiding those topics for a reason. Was this incorrect?
Sam: *totally frustrated now* YES! Yes it's incorrect!
Cas: Oh... I apologize for making assumptions about you and your issues. *returns to book sorting*
Sam: *shakes it off and regroups* It's just... I'm not the one with the issue. You are.
Cas: *confused* Pardon me?
Sam: You heard me. You're the one with the romantic issue. I can't believe you've never picked up on it.
Cas: I'm an angel. We don't have romantic issues.
Sam: Really? What about Anna?
Cas: Anna was human at the time. The situations are not comparable.
Sam: Oh. So you have no problem with Dean being her first?
Cas: Her first what?
Sam: *moar headaches* ...Never mind. Let's try this again. What do you feel when you think about Dean?
Cas: *pondering Cas face thinks of: irritation, confusion, protectiveness, joy when Dean's happy, especially if Cas is the one who made him laugh...*
Sam: *notices the barrage of emotions flickering over Cas' face and laughs.* Yeah, us humans usually refer to all of those at once as "love."
Cas: I... see.
Sam: You see what?
Cas: There may be some... merit to your statements. I will have to think upon this further. *looks lost and confused*
Sam: *not quite such a dick face* Can I give you some advice?
Cas: Please.
Sam: Just... Don't give up on him. I know you'd probably have more luck communicating with a brick wall, believe me i know, but hopefully something will sink in eventually. Just... Don't stop trying. He's an ass and a jerk, but he's worth it.
Cas: Thank you Sam. I will let you know of any further developments.
Sam: *pained expression* yeah... Please don't? I'm good. Really.
Cas: *confused but accepting of Sam's wishes*

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