Jul. 27th, 2011

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So lets see. I has a LiveJournal. We all know how well that is working out as of late. A Faceyspacey, a Google+, a Twitbox, a Tumblr and this.

And I am still bored on the internet. I demand fixings.

Or lots and lots of Castiel. As I now love him. MAKE IT SO! :D

Seriously. What is there to do here besides Scans_Daily?
badluck: (cas!lost)
Hokay. I get that it sucks about LiveJournal. With the not working like it used to and shit.

Here's what I don't get. LiveJournal has a status page, it has a twitbox and a faceyspacey and I bet you anything it might even have a Google+. Or a Tumbs. But with all these sources of information out there, HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL UNAWARE THAT THE SITE IS ONCE AGAIN UNDER ATTACK?!

No seriously. Did you think a site that has millions of journals on it and thousands of users and communities just STOPPED WORKING FOR TWO DAYS for no goddamn reason? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

I'm not defending LJ or anything but for fucks sake. This isn't a case of greatestjournal someone forgetting a code and not noticing over the weekend. THIS IS THE CASE OF A BUNCH OF SHITFUCKING ASSCLOWNS BEING DOUCHECANOES AND FUCKING SHIT UP FOR ALL OF US. Go hate on them. The ones who are actually causing your precious journal to be fucked.


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