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*Cas flappy flaps out*
Dean: Sam. This needs to stop.
Sam: What needs to stop? Stop looking for Marjorie? Stop working in the library? Stop... (looks at sandwich in hand) eating?
Dean: How about all of the above? *snatches sandwich out of Sam's hand and takes a bite* But especially whatever it is you're doing to Cas. Just knock it off.
Sam: I'm not doing anything to Cas. *snatches the sandwich back, but is too grossed out to eat it now.* We barely even talk during our shifts.
Dean: *grumbles* Yeah, well, maybe you need to eliminate that barely.
Sam: Hey! Cas is my friend too you know. Just because I'm not tattooed by an angel...
Dean: It's not a tattoo... And what the hell does that have to do with anything?
Sam: It's cute how you're defensive about it. Really. Adorable.
Dean: I'm not defensive or adorable or anything. I just want you to stop fucking around with Cas. He's our friend and deserves better than you freaking him out or whatever it is you're doing.
Sam: I'm not doing anything! We sort books and use the computers and occasionally talk about things. Why is this bothering you so much?
Dean: *doesn't answer/doesn't respond*
Sam: Wait a second... are you... you are! You really freakin are! I fucking knew it! God I'm good.
Dean: You know. Not everyone likes it when you have shocking revelations and then keep them to yourself. Just sayin'.
Sam: Yeah? Well, just so YOU know, jealousy isn't a good look on anybody, even ugly fuckers like yourself.
Dean: *arms crossed* Oh. Jealousy. This one ought to be good. Please, wow me with your mental prowness. How'd you deduct that one Dipshit Holmes?
Sam: *smug bastard face* Why else would you be so pissy about Cas and I hanging out at the library without you? Talking about books... bonding.
Dean: I am not pissy.
Sam: Yeah, cause you bust out the pissy-growly voice for when you want to skip down the street and stare at rainbows.
Dean: If you have a point to make? I would really appreciate if you would get the fuck to it right now.
Sam: Fine. The point is, if you really want to stop freaking out when Cas hangs out with other people? Maybe you should start admitting to yourself why you're freaking out. Hint: It's not because you're worried about me messing with him. Which, I'm not.

Dean doesn't answer. He doesn't HAVE an answer for Sam. It's bad enough thinking this shit in his head, it's worse when it's being spoken out loud and worse times infinity when it's in Sam's stupid voice. Thank fuck for Bobby and his amazing sense of timing, calling right then and there to insult them for twenty minutes for hanging around on a dead, and he means quite literally dead, case when there are plenty more not quite as dead things out there really interested in getting to know them personally. [Edit: Bobby convo moved to pre-Cas flappy flap out. This now will be Dean stormy storm out to lead up to end game Cas convo and ACTUALLY FINISH THIS GD THING... when I'm forty. /Edit]
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