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New idea for a Dean/Cas story! I know you are all so excited.
I thought of a title: "Don't Walk Away" from the Stars song "Romantic Comedy"

So I'm gonna write an AU fic based around I Hate Luv Storys.


Dean Winchester = Jay
Castiel Novak = Simran
Michael Croix = Raj
Ash = Kunal
Gabriel Messanger= Veer
Balthazar Veneck/Ryan = Rajiv/Raul
Anna Milton/Sarah = Priya/Sanjana
Uriel = Nikhil (assistant director)
Sam Winchester = Voice on the phone (aka Jay's mom. LOLOLOL)
Lisa = Giselle
Jo = Nidhi

Prob gonna be in three chapters:
Chapter 1 outline:

We are introduced to Dean, who rants about romantic sagas and their terribleness.

We are introduced to Cas, who is a total sucker for romantic stories.

Continuing with Dean, we come to understand that Dean is the assistant to the King of the Romantic Movie, Gabriel Messanger who is batshit crazy and loves to torment Dean. Requires Dean see the latest romcom to check out potential stars for his film. Where he sits down next to... Cas. And tries to bond with him over the terrible movie, and gets Cas all pissy. And then makes fun of his name, and his boyfriend. And gets completely blown off, which irritates Dean.

Dean is late for work, as per usual. Which leads to Gabe insulting him some more and downgrading him to being in charge of properties (the stuff that makes up a set like the pillows on a bed in a bedroom set) and his new boss is the art director... who is Cas.

Dean and Ash, Dean's weird but best friend, discuss the weirdness that is Cas. Ash suggests doing what he does when he doesn't like a person, which is toss eggs at them. Dean declines and reports for duty. Cas is EVIL and sends him to buy things. Girly things. For Anna/Sarah's bedroom.

Cas and Michael make dinner at Cas' place and discuss Cas' severe dislike for all things Winchester, when Dean shows up with a candy and liquor basket for Cas via Gabe. Michael is revealed to be a dry kind of guy(doesn't drink on weekdays,) "apparently" so is Cas, during the week that is. Dean is mockingly polite, Michael misses it, Cas is annoyed.

Dean and Cas start to work together. Dean does everything wrong, Cas is more annoyed.

Dean heads on out to a club, meets Lisa, lies to Lisa about his profession of choice, picks up Lisa. Starts to take her home when they bump into Cas and Michael on their anniversary. Does not go well.

Dean boots Lisa out of his apartment morning after. May have to steal the original "be cinderella" line...

Dean is late. Again. Lies about why he's late to get Gabe sympathy points. Gets even more Pissy!Cas. Moar workies together. Cas loses it on Dean.

Uriel offers Dean an ultimatum. Start shaping up or Gabe's letting you go. Ash announces that Jo from the art department is mocking him. They both decide to head out to the Roadhouse to drown their sorrows. While checking out some chicks in the bar, they notice a super depressed Cas, in direct violation of "no drinking during the work week" (btw. Mental image of Cas in black nerd rock glasses. mmmmmmmmmmmmm) Cas spills his drink on Dean, Dean gives him advice for dealing with Michael who is pestering Cas at work. Dean reveals his orphan status and Cas has a slight change of heart.

Dean is late to work. AGAIN. Gabe is exceptionally evil until Cas covers for Dean.

Moar workies, only now they are bonding during the work. The closer Cas and Dean get, the more problems Cas has with Michael. Dean and Cas bond more as Dean tries to help out Cas while professing his hatred for love. They decide the solution is to loosen Cas up and to head to the Roadhouse for shots. Drunken shennanigans ensue. Dean is kinda flirty.

Cas has realizations about his feelings towards Dean. Soul searches a bit and decides that he likes who he is more with Dean than he is with Michael. Texts Dean to meet up in a classy bar, brings him flowers in a nice romantic gesture.

Gets to bar, discovers Dean with a date. Heartbroken, he confesses all to Dean who rants like a ranting thing, first about never thinking about Cas that way (not entirely true) and DUDE WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT LOVE. Cas visably upset walks out leaving Dean confused in his dust.


I write this first, then see how part two and three go. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!
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