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2011-09-29 05:32 pm

Don't Walk Away- Part 1 Chapter 1

Title: Don't Walk Away (Then Turn and Say I Love You Anyway.)
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas pre-slash into slash, Cas/Michael, brief Dean/Lisa
Rating: PG-13, mainly for Dean's potty mouth.
Summary: Based off of the Bollywood film I Hate Luv Storys. Dean is the assistant to the director of the world's worst romantic films (according to him that is.) Castiel is the art director with the perfect life. And then they're forced to work together.

AN: Title comes from the Stars song "Romantic Comedy." Yes, I could not resist. Deal with it.

Don't Walk Away: Part 1 )
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2011-09-28 08:59 pm

My terribleness. Let me share it.

New idea for a Dean/Cas story! I know you are all so excited.
I thought of a title: "Don't Walk Away" from the Stars song "Romantic Comedy"
Dean & Cas do Bollywood. No I'm not kidding )

I write this first, then see how part two and three go. OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!