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Idea came from this photo. Not that I'll come up with anything or do anything with it, but at least I'm putting it down somewhere.

Note: Have not seen S6 yet. WORKIN' ON IT 'KAY?!

Haunted Library. Sam and Cas go undercover as librarians while Dean does the grunt work, as usual. Though Dean is slightly miffed because, once again, HE DOES READ. Occasionally. Also? Sam and Cas bonding is very much DNW for Dean. Sam suspecting things and Sam getting proof about said things are two very different things.

Dean's fears are warranted, Cas is not good at subtle nor conversations with Sam. Job is pretty easy, typical smoke the bones, which leaves Sam and Cas a lot of downtime shelving books while they wait for the spirit to attack. Sam, being evil, tries to help Cas to get Dean to talk about feelings by suggesting books to check out and give to him because, HE DOES READ. Occasionally. The Cuddle Sutra is Sam's personal favorite and a stroke of genius in his humble opinion.

After dealing with the ghost, Cas presents Dean with these books, who typically freaks out, gets pissy at Sam and storms out. He comes back eventually, attempts to talk to Cas about things DOUBLE FLAIL FROM BOTH OF THEM...

Not sure how end. Kissy!face or just emotional understanding, as much as they are possible at it... Thoughts? Cause I know [personal profile] regann may possibly read this just to mock me...

Saving random conversation between Dean and Sam cause it might make it into the story, it might not. But either way? DIPSHIT HOLMES.


I want a scene now where Dean gets pissy at Sam and Sam is all, "wait dude. are you JEALOUS cause I'm hanging out with Cas more for the case?"

Sam: Wait.. are you... you are! You totally freakin are! Holy shit!
Dean: You know. Not everyone likes it when you have shocking revelations and then keep them to yourself. Just sayin'.
Sam: Yeah? Well, just so YOU know, jealousy isn't a good look on anybody, even ugly fuckers like yourself.
Dean: *arms crossed* Oh. Jealousy. This one ought to be good. Please, wow me with your mental prowness. How'd you deduct that one Dipshit Holmes?


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